Underfloor Heating

Quality underfloor heating installations 

J Driver Ltd we have an experienced team of engineers who are highly knowledgeable on a full range of gas related products and who can provide gas maintenance and repairs.

Save money on energy bills

Have you been thinking of installing underfloor heating in your domestic or commercial property? The underfloor heating system will keep your indoors warm and comfortable without a worrisome spike in your energy bill. Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than other traditional radiator systems and still provides enough heat to sufficiently heat the room.
Based in Colne, Lancashire, we're happy to travel to areas including Haslingden and Rossendale.
Gas experts

Advantages of the system

  • Radiator free walls
  • Efficient way to heat a room
  • Single room applications or full new systems
  • Constant temperature throughout the room
  • Modern and comfortable form of heating
layout of underfloor heating

Different systems for every need

You can choose from several systems and layouts of underfloor heating. The most popular ones are solid floor underfloor heating, suitable for screeded finish floors. Other types are overlay floors, floating and suspended floor heating, suitable mostly for upper floors. Speak with our team today and get a free quote.
At J Driver Ltd, we provide efficient underfloor heating installations across Lancashire.  
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